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Chemical Engineering Department organized 1st International Seminar on "Energy Solution from Coal & Biomass" on 26th and 27th March, 2010

Gasification is a century old technology, which flourished quite well before and during the second world war. The technology disappeared soon after the second world war, when liquid fuel became easily available. The interests in the gasification technology has undergone many ups and downs in running century. Today, because of increased fuel prices and environmental concern, there is renewed interest in this century old technologies. Gasification has become more modern and quite sophisticated technology.

The advantage of this technology is decentralized energy conversion system which operates economically even for small scale .A gas producer is a simple device consisting of usually cylindrical container with space for fuel, air inlet, gas exit and grate. It can be made of fire bricks, steel or concrete and oil barrels. The design of gasifier depends upon type of fuel used and whether gasifier is portable or stationary. Gasifier alone itself is of little use.The complete gasification system consists of gasification unit (gasifier), purification unit and energy converter - burners or internal combustion engine.

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